Last Saturday my family and I celebrated a Dutch version of Christmas called Sinterklaas. We did something similar to Secret Santa. We each got someone to buy presents for, and then we had to craft something together and write a poem about it. Next to that we also bought presents for the other people. I had to buy presents for my oldest sister, who has a baby, so I made her a diaper, wrapped all the presents in brown paper, and put them inside the diaper. My other sister had to buy presents for me, and I am really into movies, so she made me characteristics from famous film stars (Charlie Chaplin’s mustache, Marilyn Monroe’s mole, etc.), and then I had to pose with them for pictures. We had a lovely evening, and I got some great presents, so I wanted to share my three favorite presents with you.

3. Wes Anderson is my favorite writer/director, and I really wanted the book “The Society of the Crossed Keys” by Stefan Zweig. I am so happy that I got it, and I cannot wait to start reading it.

2. Today I got a surprise in the mail. I have a pen friend in Idaho, and he sent me a present! It is a greyish brown scarf, and it is really soft.

1. My grandmother past away a while ago. I always loved all of the pieces of art that she had hanging around, especially a reproduction of a painting of my grandfather’s grandfather, so my father gave that one to me. I hung it on my wall as soon as I was back home.


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